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Brooklyn based Alternative R&B artist & producer, JOHNNY grew up in a small town in MA. Johnny has always been flirting the line between behind the scenes and in front of the camera while also balancing a tri-city life (Boston, NYC, & LA). In 2015 he released a solo album, "See You Soon" under the guise of his real name, John Whoriskey Jr via Soulspazm Records and his own label Bright EYED Music.

After the release, he got back in the studio focusing on producing and rebranding with more of a Pop/Future R&B sound. His debut single as JOHNNY titled, "Right Now" was released in 2017, and gained immediate critical acclaim. In 2018 came the self-released EP, "Nothing is Forever" followed by "Summer Break," a two song EP and a Short Film music video for the first track "E.S.T." (Co-directed & edited by Johnny). In 2019 he released his "Fairfax + Melrose," EP which he tells sort of a summer-of-love type story about living in Los Angeles.

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